Apr 6, 2011

Week 22

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I am just feeling huge. We are having a little boy and we are very excited. He is kicking me all the time now. I have gained 15 pounds already and it seems that I have a bit of a fat phobia. I am not exactly sure how to explain it. We bought a dresser for the baby, cuz I didn't really want a changing table and we need as much storage as possible. The dresser we got was $20 from DI and it is turning out to be a bigger deal than we originally thought. Oh well, It is going to turn out awesome.   - H

New Job Again

I had to quit my job at Seven Peaks Salt lake. I was a fine job, but I definitley didn't get paid enough to take the long commute. I have a new job, I will be working at Vivint which was formerly APX. I am really excited, it is a lot closer and they will pay a lot better. It is exciting to be able to get a job without the help of your parents. So I will start training April 11.   - H

Feb 18, 2011

Birthday/ Valentines Day

Andrew took me up to the family's cabin for my birthday. It was nice to get away for a couple of days. I love sitting up by the fire and reading or just relaxing. Andrew has a harder time just sitting. He insists upon doing something, anything. It's pretty cold up there and it snowed a little. There weren't any mice so that was good. We went sledding but it was lame having to hike back up the huge hills, so we only went down once. We also went to see the ice castles in Midway. They were a lot cooler than I thought there was going to be. They were all lit up on the inside so that was cool. We did have an incident driving back up to the cabin. The truck wouldn't make it and we were sliding all over. It was pretty freaky. Thanks honey for the awesome time I got to spend with you.   - H

Feb 9, 2011

Change of jobs

So, I no longer work at the DI. Yay! I am so glad to be out of there. I met some really cool people, and some really awful people. I will miss Lucas, Kerri, Mike, Brent, and most of all Sarah. Sarah is probably the coolest person I know. I don't work there anymore, because I wasn't really working. I mean I would work when I could, but it was very physical work and not very easy on my pregnant body. But, I left on a good note with everyone so that was really important. I have left most of my jobs on a good note. So for a whole week I was hanging out at home looking for jobs, it was kinda nice just chilling at home. Then, I started looking at all the money we had, or didn't have. I was feeling exceedingly poor. I had quite a few interviews, and most of them went really good. Well, at least I thought they went well. I got a phone call from Seven Peaks and they wanted to interview me, to be honest I accidently applied there. But, I got the job even after I told them I was preg. So I am working up in Salt Lake at Raging Waters which is becoming a Seven Peaks. I just work in the office for now and it's pretty easy. The only down side is the commute. 40 minutes there and 40 back if there isn't any traffic. Yesterday was my first day so I drove up there taking an hour and a half to get up there. So I was late. But the whole morning before I went I was sick, and definitley not pretty sick. I couldn't miss my first day of work so I drove, without getting lost. But there was an accident and Utah drivers are terrible. So I was stuck by Thanksgiving Point in stopped traffic. Then of course I chose that moment to be sick. I pulled into the middle margin, there was a little bit of space, and up came my lunch. Then up came a highway patrol man asking if I was ok. I told him, "I am pregnant, I do things like that." Real intelligent I know. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. But I don't like driving that far so I am looking into a bus pass. I know I have a car, but I don't like driving on the freeway at all.   - H

Jan 12, 2011

Dr Appointment

So we had our first official doctors appointment. For those who don't know we are 10 weeks pregnant, we are due at the beginning of August. Very exciting. We heard our baby's heartbeat today. It was going so fast, 170 beats per minute. The goopy stuff they use was so cold. We are going to have a midwife instead of a doctor, because Tausha had a really good experience with them. - H


We had a fine Christmas. Andrew got some clothes and shoes and an electronic money jar. I got a serger and a blue pea coat and some games and some silky red jammies. Overall a good Christmas, lots of time to spend with my hubbie and family. - H


We had a good Thanksgiving this year. We just hung out with my side of the family. Nothing too exciting. - H